Venue notes: Luvafair, Vancouver BC

"Alternative" rock club of long standing that closed on 01 Feb 2003, reportedly a casualty of rezoning. Was located at 1275 Seymour. Club catered heavily to Goths for a while, and featured a popular weekly Britpop night up to the time of its closing.

Bob Gauvin recalls the scene at the May 1986 Hüsker Dü show: "Can't remember the Victoria BC band that opened the show but the Huskers rocked. A friend of mine and I skateboarded down to the show, and it was packed. Luvafair was a small alternative venue from wayback. Think Skinny Puppy and Ministry, Joy Division, New Order, that kinda playlist. Anyway one thing that stood out for me at that show was I was at the front of the stage and it was packed and in the mayhem my glasses got knocked off. Well, I thought that was it, but kept on enjoying the show and drinking. I figured I was in for a night of blurred vision without my specs, but as I was walking to the washroom, at the back of the dancefloor I see something glint on the floor. I crouch down and here are my glasses in one piece at the REAR of the dancefloor. I mean they were wire frame glasses and somehow got kicked back from a packed Husker Du slamdancing crowd through to the back of the club. I couldn't believe it. It was hilarious anyway I enjoyed the rest of the show with my vision restored."

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