Venue notes: Love Hall, Philadelphia

Defunct punk club. Was located at Broad and South. Brett Tobias, writing in Oct 2005, recalls: "There was a fire July 2 1983 in the building next door (which was a hotel/flophouse for derelicts, bums, homeless and the deranged). Love Hall did not burn but did suffer water damage and became unstable when the building next door was torn down. I think both buildings were made of wood. Whenever there were shows after the fire and there was a heavy pit going you could feel the Hall shake. There were shows there for 6 months afterward but the building was finally condemned by the city and torn down in about 1985 or 1986. For years the lot was vacant but in the 1990s a community garden was started on the site. So from growing Punk Rockers to growing vegetables. It was a great place."

Brief Mike Watt reminiscence here. No other info available.

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