Venue notes: Lawrence Opera House, Lawrence KS

Defunct punk club. Hüsker Dü played here twice, 12 May 1984 and 01 Dec 1984. Mike Blur's description, which he has generously given me permission to reproduce from the LOH page of his excellent Lawrence Kansas alternative music scene history wiki, is much better than anything I could do myself:

      Located in the 600 block of Mass Street, in the exact same spot inhabited by Liberty Hall today [2009]. The Opera House had none of the carpeting, and very little of the subtle lighting that Liberty Hall currently employs. Most everything was painted black, black, black, with garish spotlights throwing stark beams of light around the cavernous venue. Around its heyday — 1979-1981 — the stagefront was molded into a "U" to accommodate concert goers who wished to get REALLY CLOSE to the action, along with sideboards for performers like Andy Partridge and Iggy Pop to get up close and personal with audience members who weren't in the front row.

A couple years later, the Opera House was "renovated" ("stripped") to provide hosting for hard punk shows in mid-to late 1984. The horseshoe stage was gone, and something resembling the wide-berth Liberty Hall stage was extant.

The Opera House shut down in late 1984, underwent a rehabilitation, and reopened as Liberty Hall two years later.

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