Venue notes: Off The Wall Hall, Lawrence KS

Early name of the bar/club later known as The Bottleneck (still operating in 2023 at its original location, 737 New Hampshire St). There are newspaper accounts of a bluegrass fiddlers convention at Off The Wall in 1977. Concert dates listed for the club under that name site range from 1979-1983. According to this discussion of early Lawrence punk clubs, however, "live alternative music took a big hit in 1982 when the Opera House and Off-the-Wall-Hall closed their doors. Off-the-Wall-Hall reopened briefly in 1983 as the Dynamo Ballroom, but closed again later that year."

The always sketchy listings cited above show a gap between 08 Nov 1982 and 18 Feb 1983, but eyewitness accounts attest that the 22 Dec 1982 Hüsker Dü show took place on the scheduled date. After Dynamo Ballroom's brief existence, the place operated as Cogburns for a while before it was renamed The Bottleneck: the Bottleneck info page linked above states that the renaming occurred in 1985, but there is flyer evidence that the Cogburns name was still in use in July 1986 (and gives dates as late as 1987), so the new name may have been slow to take hold.

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