Venue notes: Larry's Hideaway, Toronto

Defunct punk club (expired sometime around the beginning of 1986). Was located at 121 Carlton St. Very good article by Cameron Gordon about the place here ("I've been to other dives in other cities, provinces and states but there was no other bar that could match the raunch of Larry's Hideaway. Truly the filthiest, most degrading bar I've ever ventured into," recalls one wistful patron). Picture of dressing room here. Property bought by city in 1993, now part of Allen Gardens. More historical info here.

A correspondent who prefers to remain anonymous recalls: "I used to frequest the place in late '86 and early '87, apparently after the nightclub portion had closed down. At the time it was just a raunchy by-the-hour hotel that was full of crack heads and prostitutes. We used to go there to buy drugs. It was a pretty scary place with people sprawled all over the floors in varying states of intoxication and hallucination; people shooting up all over the place, and so forth. I'm very glad I don't live that life anymore!"

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