Venue notes: Knuckleheads, Pensacola FL

Long defunct punk club located in an old warehouse at 212 East Garden Street in the early 90s. At this writing (2016), the building is still standing and appears to be available for rent as a function space.

Christopher Scott Satterwhite writes in an article on the inweekly site titled A Punk Tour of Pensacola: "Knuckleheads was a somewhat short-lived space where Gus Brandt booked some of the greatest shows of this important era in punk. This space was legendary, especially for those in the early Ď90s punk scene—a time in which Thurston Moore claims 'punk broke.' For purists, this phrase could have a few meanings, but few could argue this moment wasnít important to punk. While Brandt booked shows at several spaces, Washington stateís Seaweed and Washington, DCís Jawbox both played at Knuckleheads—among many others. Bad Religion was supposed to play there in 1992, but canceled because Greg Graffin fell ill at the last minute."

No other info available.

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