Venue notes: Karlsson, Stockholm

Club is long defunct. Was located at Kungsgatan 65. As of 2007 the adjoining space in the same building is still a music venue. Klaus Lund-Larsen writes in Nov 2007:

"The Huskers played [03 Jun 1987] a venue, at the time known as "Karlsson." This is [currently] a really nice jazz club, but in 1987 it was a disco. Itīs in a beautiful 17th-century building, right in the Stockholm city centre. It is nowadays run as "Jazzclub Fasching."

"[The originally-intended site for the Hüsker Dü concert] at Moderna Museet (which is the museum of modern art) was a large outdoor venue. [The show] was moved for some reason to Karlsson, probably due to lack of ticket sales. Anyway, the Karlsson club was a better place for Hüsker Dü to play. For some reason you had to be age 22 to get in (as it says on the ticket), a big disappointment, since most Hüsker fans were young people.

"From what I remember Hüsker Dü played Warehouse: Songs And Stories from start to finish. It sounded awesome. Amazing how three people can make that much noise. It was loud and very tight but not very inspired by the band. This was shortly before the breakup I believe. As encore they played some five or six songs. From what I remember it was "Flip Your Wig," "Eight Miles High," "Love Is All Around"(!) among others.

"I sneaked backstage after the show, got a beer from Grant, and remarks (positive) about my self-made Hüsker Dü t-shirt, which I still have!. They were very nice, but they all seemed sad.

"This was one of the great musical moments in my life."

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