Venue notes: International Club, Manchester UK

Defunct punk club -- actually, two defunct clubs, the second of which was apparently demolished in the early 1990s. According to correspondent Chris Brown, the site of International I was still standing as of 2017, at which time the space was occupied by the Venus Supermarket. He goes on to add: "International was near the corner of Anson and Dickenson Road, and it was the first one, previously called Genevieve's. Then the same people bought the Carousel on Plymouth Grove and rebranded it International 2."

International II was a somewhat larger venue than its predecessor, run by the same people. (Thanks to Ross Bracegirdle.) It was located at 210 Plymouth Grove, Longsight. The owner was Gareth Evans (born Ian Bromley), who also managed the Stone Roses.

Correspondent Simon Combs recalls in Sep 2008: "This was a great smallish club where I saw Husker Du and the Stone Roses amongst others. Low stage, sound can't have been too bad or I'd remember it, with the bar only a few metres back from front of stage and to one side. A great venue. I'd seen them at the Hacienda. The International II was a big unfriendly old fashioned medium sized dance hall with mezzanine level around the sides and back which was improved by its demolition. Horrible."

The Simon Combs narrative suggests that it was International I that Hüsker Dü played on 21 Mar 1986, and this has since been confirmed by others. Russ Meehan, writes in 2017: "I was at the International 1 gig, with Crime and the City Solution (?!?) supporting I think. I spoke to Bob briefly before the gig while the support played, and to Greg while he tried to eat his dinner while I pestered him like a fanboy."

Jonathan Hargreaves, who attended both Hüsker gigs, recalls in 2017 that the 20 Jun 1987 Hüsker gig also took place at International I, adding: "I sat on the pavement on a hot summer's evening with a barefoot Grant just before the gig. I always think of that bit of pavement when I drive past that place."

Exact dates of operation for the two venues are uncertain, but it is now clear, thanks to info contributed in 2017 by Paul Drew and Alex Atherton, that both were in operation simultaneously for some period of time, until at least the early 90s.

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