Venue notes: Indian Center, Salt Lake City UT

Mid-80s punk venue. Former SLC resident Michael "Randy" Kennan writes in 2003:

"It really was the 'Indian Center' — those were the only words on the outside of the building, black letters about a foot high.

"In the daytime, it was a sort of cultural hall for the Paiute Indians, lots of bingo and bakesales. At night, they rented out the hall to us for gigs. The Hüsker Dü show there was one of the last shows at the Indian Center... there had been great shows there since '80 or '81; there might have been a few as late as '86."

Located at 120 W 1300 South, the building remains in use as a Native American center, now designated as the Utah Native American Consortium (801.486.4877). No other info available.

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