Venue notes: Knopf's Music Hall/Docks, Hamburg, Germany

Knopf Musikhalle (Knopf's Music Hall), later Docks, began life in 1900 as a small theater in 1900, owned by Eberhard Knopf, featuring vaudeville acts and short films. In 1906 Knopf relocated to the larger space next door and expanded it into a full-scale (600+ seats) movie theater, Knopf's Lichtspielhaus, which he claimed was the first in Germany. Located at 19 Spielbudenplatz on the Reeperbahn, the facility underwent numerous name changes and a few physical alterations over the years, including the absorption of the original space at 20 Spielbudenplatz in 1922. Shuttered during WWII, it survived the bombings and reopened in 1945, screening mainstream features through the 1950s. According to this Cinema Treasures writeup, Knopf sold the place in 1962, and the new owner converted it to an adult cinema, Eros Cine-Center. After it changed hands again in 1974, the next owner did some restoration and converted it to a retro movie theater, Hollywood Kino and Variety.

From the same Cinema Treasures article: "In the mid-1980s it was renamed Knopf’s Music Hall. In 1988 it became a discotheque and became a 1,500 capacity live music venue named Docks Music Hall." For what it's worth, Knopf's Music Hall shows listed on range from February 1986 to April 1988, and Docks show dates range from September 1988 to November 2022 (the club was still in operation as of December 2022).

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