Venue notes: Kompaniet/Underground, Gothenburg (Göteborg), Sweden

Kompaniet (Company) was a nightclub/dance club that was in operation at Kungsgatan 19 during the 1990s, and still going until at least 2003. The downstairs area, known as Underground, hosted punk rock shows and reportedly even "wilder" dancing: From This 2015 retrospective in Expressen (translated by Google), it sounds as if Kompaniet was actually a collection of multiple specialty clubs or bar areas:

      Today it is a Science fiction bookstore on Kungsgatan 19 but in the past it was very wild in these premises. The little legendary black-rocked company Kompaniet had clubs like Belsepub, Synthbar and Retrobar - and Gothenburg's first hip-hop club Milk, which was later called Fat Milk. Here, the 18-year limit on several club nights had a magical effect to attract generation after generation of young people to weekday hedonism - because behind the velvet drapery downstairs (called Underground) it went wild. After the Company era, Wish, among other things, housed the premises - which will probably always be called "the Company's old premises."

As of 2019, the science fiction bookstore mentioned in the above quote was still operating in that space. The Nova Mob tour book gives the address of Underground as Kungsgatan 21, but this is either an error or possibly a separate entrance for load-in. Several present-day businesses in that block all share the street number 19.

According to This article in Göteborg Nonstop, there was a Kompaniet/Underground reunion event in 2010, at a club called Karisma which occupied the site at that time.

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