Venue notes: The Great Gildersleeves, NYC

Defunct punk/metal club. Was located at 331 Bowery, near CBGB. The following description was lifted from the Rockcellar Magazine site:

"Great Gildersleeves opened in the late 1970s, giving punk rockers like Iggy Pop, Public Image Ltd (PiL) and Johnny Thunders an alternative venue to the already established CBGB a block south. Gildersleeves also featured Elvis Costello, the J. Geils Band, Marshall Crenshaw and the Beastie Boys. After the club closed in the early 1980s, it became one of the most notorious flophouses on the Bowery. Renamed Kenton Hall, it was taken over by Project Renewal and in 2001 converted into a shelter for homeless men on methadone maintenance."

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