Venue notes: The Barn, Excelsior MN

Old barn located on Lilac Lane that was cleaned out and used at least once for a festival-style punk band show, "Hardcore Ho-Down." David Hunter Dyer, one of the show's organizers, recalls in 2017: "Thor G., Jamie S., and I shoveled shit out of that barn for 2 weeks everyday after high school. It was pretty nasty."

A second show that was to be headlined by Hüsker Dü had to be canceled. David Hunter Dyer explains: "Unfortunately, the show never happened. A preppy girl from Minnetonka at the end of the 1st show locked her keys in her car and called the cops to help her out. The cops showed up, helped her out, and had a talk w/Thor's mother. No one else was bothered although there were those paranoid meandering outside in the pastures slightly addled. Prospects for Hardcore Ho-Down II diminished even though we had a line up w/Hüsker Dü headlining. I made the flyer and crappy map. We did post signs on the roads near Excelsior for the 1st show. The first show had ~200 in attendance."

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