Venue notes: Forum, Enger, Germany

Music club that was located at Spenger Str. 13. According to its German Wikipedia entry (as translated by Google): "The Forum Enger was a music club that existed in the East Westphalian town of Enger in North Rhine-Westphalia from November 1974 to New Year's Eve 1998 and gave numerous young bands a performance opportunity.... [It] was founded as a jazz club in November 1974 in the basement of the old cigar factory in Spenger Strasse in Enger.... In the 1980s, punk, hardcore, new wave and later hip-hop were included in the club's program."

Correspondent Sven Beier writes in 2021 that the club had a capacity of about 400. He notes that the entrance was on the back side of the building, away from the street.

When the lease ran out, the venue relocated to the nearby larger city of Bielefeld. In 2012, the Forum returned to Enger as "Neues Forum Enger e.V." at an old train station around the corner from the original site. As of 2019, the new Forum still seems to be operating, while the original building appears to have been converted to apartments. According to Sven Beier, some of the space is currently (2021) occupied by police and labor offices.

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