Venue notes: The Drumstick, Lincoln NE

Defunct chicken restaurant and music venue. Was located at 547 N. 48th St. Owner Tim Lohmeier began booking bands there in 1978 and continued until about 1987. The building was razed shortly thereafter, and a McDonald's built on the site.

Jim Jones, who published the Capitol Punishment fanzine, recalls in a Jun 2015 Facebook post:
      Its name was the Drumstick but we called it The Dump--it was a chicken restaurant that turned into a club at night. Lots of big names played there--REM, Lords of the New Church, The Professionals, Let's Active, Savage Republic, the list goes on and on. The night Hüsker Dü played only about six of us showed up, but they played an amazing show. They hung out with us in their van and gave us all buttons and did an interview for Capitol Punishment. The owner tried to get out of paying them their guarantee and Bob threatened to smash the front plate window if he didn't. I think they got $150 that night. Those of us at the show invented a new dance called The Crab where we all got on our hands and feet and crawled around the floor. Bob laughed about that for years!

A Lincoln Journal Star retrospective piece about the place (occasioned by a 2013 reunion show) may still be accessible here. No other info available.

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