Venue notes: Doremi, Bordeaux, France

Defunct rock/punk/electro/techno club that was located at 18 rue des Augustins. It only seems to have been around from 1994-1995, at least as a performance space for live music. Raves and drugs (ecstasy in particular) came to be regarded as a problem in the city, and in March 1995 police raided the two clubs with the worst reputations: This 1995 article asserts that "In Bordeaux, during the weekend of March 11 and 12, two famous clubs and high places of techno, Chat Bleu and Doremi, were closed for six months and their managers indicted." The last setlist listed for Doremi on is 1 May 1995. No evidence has surfaced to indicate that the place ever reopened. The building was still standing in 2019, home to a comedy club called Théâtre Le Victoire. No other info available.

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