Venue notes: City Club, Detroit MI

Short-lived punk club whose lifespan ran roughly from fall 1982 to mid-1983. It was located in the Women's City Club building located at 64 W. Elizabeth St. The room had previously been home to another, perhaps better known punk club called Clutch Cargo's, which opened on 31 Dec 1981 but lasted less than a year. There's evidence that Clutch Cargo's itself was alternately known as City Club (no doubt because of the building name), which blurs the dateline between the two. Capacity of the second-floor ballroom, where the performances were staged, is said to have been 500-600, but there were adjoining rooms, one with a bar, that provided enough space for several hundreds more attendees to lounge or drink.

Old flyers (which may still be viewable at this link), indicate that the venue was primarily known as City Club as early as September 1982. There's some oral history recorded here, although many of the embedded audio links are broken. One of the contributors mentions in passing that the owner of the City Club, a man named Higgins, went on to open the Leland City Club in the old Leland Hotel, which was still in operation as a Goth club in 2019.

On this page of fan reminiscences, Vince Bannon, who managed Clutch Cargo's, states: "In ’81 we architected what we were going to do and how we were going to open Clutch Cargo’s at the City Club, which is what it was. Clutch Cargo’s was the name of the production, and it was at the City Club." No other info available.

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