Venue notes: Chet's Last Call, Boston MA

Dive bar located at 65 Causeway St across from the old Boston Garden. There's confusion about nomenclature: The site was and still is occupied by a bar called The Penalty Box. Chet's was upstairs on the second floor. There's some indication that while Chet's was in existence, that name applied to the downstairs bar as well (there are several references to "Chet's, formerly The Penalty Box"). The second floor has also been variously known as the Upstairs Lounge and The Causeway. The years of operation as Chet's are unclear, but it was called that for a good part of the 80s. Joe Harvard's excellent Rock in Boston website is now sadly defunct, but an excerpt from his writeup of Chet's survives (as of 2011) on the band Sorry's MySpace page.

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