Venue notes: Carlton Theater, Copenhagen

Defunct theater. This site gives its years of operation as a theater as 1928-1988. At one time it was a porn theater, but the seats had been removed to convert it to a performance space by the time the Hüskers played there. The building, located at Vesterbrogade 66 in the now-fashionable former red light district, is still there as of 2005, and appears to have been taken over by the Hotel Guldsmeden. Lasse Wist found this recent picture and writes: "Yes it is the former Carlton. The entrance to the venue was where the supermarket entrance now resides, leading to the hall behind the main building. All equipment was loaded in through the gate to the left of the entrance. Back in the day when it was a venue,the place hosted a television programme with upcoming danish rock acts." (Thanks also to Ulrik from Copenhagen for some of the above information.)

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