Venue notes: Cannibal Club/Jelly Club, Austin

Defunct punk club, later known as the Jelly Club. Was located at 306 E 6th St. Correspondent Jeff Jackson reports that the place was owned by a guy named Brad First (who is also listed as the Jelly Club contact, so the name change apparently was not the result of a change in ownership). A now-vanished online column by Keri Leigh observed: "The legendary Cannibal Club (aka Jelly Club) closed its doors due to financial difficulty in late summer [1992]. Some say they were forced out of business by the alternative-rock chain-bar Emo's just a couple'a blocks down on 6th." From this page on the Trance Syndicate site comes the following note by Greg Beets of the Austin Chronicle: "In 1990, the Cannibal Club was the local mecca of all rock to the left of Bang Tango. It sat like a missionary outpost in the otherwise hostile territory of Sixth Street right next to a dollar-kazi meat-market called Hugo Boner's (I'm not making this up). "

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