Venue notes: Calgarian Hotel, Calgary AB

Defunct punk venue. Was located at 128 7th Ave SE.

Thanks to Lori Hahnel of Calgary for providing the following information (Nov 2002):

"The Calgarian Hotel burned down in December 1986. It was the locus for the Calgary punk scene from about 1978 until about 1980 or 1981. Mostly it was a venue for local acts, but a few out of town acts such as The Malibu Kens from Edmonton (including Mike MacDonald), The Modernettes from Vancouver and I think possibly DOA played there (it was a long time ago!).

"A large scale fight one night caused the bar's management to stop booking punk acts, so the scene then moved over the the National Hotel, a possibly even seedier bar. Bruce McCullough, the Calgary member of Kids in the Hall, was here to do a show about five years ago, and he used the Calgarian in a joke: 'First, we took their land, then we took their bar.' It was a pretty gruesome place."

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