Venue notes: Blue Note, Boulder CO

Defunct punk club. Originally a jazz club, it was located at 1116 Pearl St from 1977, when redevelopment created the Pearl Street Mall, until December 1985. The club occupied space in two abutting buildings, with its entrance on the right (see venue image page. After the club shut down, the space was divided to accommodate two separate businesses, and a new entrance was added on the left. This entrance became 1116, and the one on the right was changed to 1114. As of 2021, the respective occupants were Smith Klein Gallery and Savvy on Pearl (a men's clothing boutique).

Matt Loy, who saw Hüsker Dü play here (his desription makes it clear that it must have one of the 04 Nov 1985 shows, probably the early one), looks back at the place nearly 20 years later:

"It was an over-21 club and was an older club when I arrived in Boulder [as a freshman at CU]. It had been around a long time and was really not a 'punk' club per se. The only reason I got in was either (1) because I knew the head bouncer (I worked out with him at the gym) or (2) it was a rare all-ages show.... Right after the show, the place closed down -- within a week or a month or so. During the show, it was pretty torn up; [the Hüsker date] may have been its last show. The club was really nice inside with a wooden 'dance' floor and bronze railings -- all of which was ruined during the show.

"The opening band was Mau Mau 55, a very 'different' band from Denver. The lead singer must have been 6' 5" and was close to 300lbs of muscle. He mostly wore a bondage mask. Happy World may have also opened, but I only really remember Mau Mau 55."

There's a little more info about the club in this 2017 article about the 40th anniversary of the Pearl Street Mall.

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