Venue notes: Edwards No.8, Birmingham UK

Defunct punk/"alternative" rock venue that was located at the intersection of John Bright Street and Lower Severn Street from the 1970s until 2006, when the interior was gutted by fire. According to this BusinessLive article:
      In the blaze in November 2006, 500 people were evacuated, with 10 being treated for minor injuries. Initial fears that clubbers could have been trapped in the burning building proved groundless.

The blaze brought an end to a club with a colourful history, where many music lovers saw their first concert.

Edwards was opened in the 1970s and took its name from controversial nightclub boss Eddie Fewtrell, the man dubbed Mr Nightclub for his huge Birmingham-based entertainment empire.

Altopedia describes the club as follows:
      Known to most Rockers in the Country as EDDIES, "Edwards No.8" was at the centre of Birmingham’s Rock and Gothic scenes for over 20 years, and was Birmingham’s last remaining & true, Rock venue until it tragically burnt down a little after 1am on November 12th 2006. In the late 80’s it was the heart of a thriving Rock complex, which comprised two pubs/bars, a second club ("Edwards No.7") located immediately beneath it, and another club named "Goldwyns" next door in an adjacent building. In common with all clubs it had it’s ups and downs (particularly in the late 90’s), but unlike it’s competitors it survived and was all the stronger for it’s ordeal.

And from Timeout:
      In the Birmingham rock venue deck of cards, Eddie’s remains the undisputed ace of spades. It started out on John Bright Street as Edward’s No. 8, a part of Brum nightclub magnate Eddie Fewtrell’s nocturnal empire (hence the name). Originally it was an early '80s mainstream club, where wannabe Don Johnsons danced in linen suits with rolled-up sleeves.

In 1987, though, it turned to the dark side and became a very successful rock and alternative music venue, attracting coachloads of leather-clad pilgrims from all over the country and hosting gigs from the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine.

Sadly, the original Eddie’s venue was destroyed in 2006 after a toilet in the club caught fire (presumably to the tune of "Smoke on the Water").

Since then, the club’s had a variety of short and long term residencies before settling into its current home at the Tunnel Club on Livery Street.

The historic Victorian building was not totally destroyed by the fire. Five years later it was fully restored, with office and business space made available for lease. As of 2019, the former Edwards No.8 at ground level was occupied by Turtle Bay restaurant.

Note: on a list of tour dates for Grant Hart's band Nova Mob, the venue name is mistakenly specified as "Edward VIII," but the band's tour book has the correct name.

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