Venue notes: The Bayou, Baton Rouge LA

Bar featuring live music that was located at 124 W. Chimes St, near the LSU campus. It opened in 1977 and grew to play an important role in the Baton Rouge music scene that was centered on Chimes Street in the punk/postpunk era. That scene was reportedly still flourishing when The Bayou was destroyed by fire in May 2002. It was eventually rebuilt (some of the front wall appears to have survived) and the space is currently (2022) occupied by City Slice pizzeria.

Correspondent Kenneth Norman writes in 2022:
      The Bayou was a long time college bar on Chimes St, which was the block and a half long street next to the LSU campus. It was the funky college retail area with book stores, laundromat, health food restaurant and the famous record store Leisure Landing. From at least 72-92, it was one of 3 bars on the street, a bar called The Library (mainly grad students/no bands or stage), one called the Chimes(frat/jocks) and the Bayou (freaks/punks/nerds). It was still there when I left the area in 1991. It was a tiny bar and I would be surprised if it could hold 300 crammed in. My housemate was the doorman for years. It was probably the coolest venue to see bands. Low ceiling, tiny stage, incredibly dark. Basically the only lights were neon beer lights and a spot over the register. It was definitely on the punk/indie circuit as we had various bands crash on the house floor many times. Itís the bar featured in the movie Sex, Lies and Videotape.

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