Venue notes: Bar Chord Music Club, Knapp WI

Short-lived restaurant and music venue that was located at 307 Highway 12 West, in "downtown" Knapp WI. One of the owners, Rob Rule, was an alumnus of the Turf Club in St Paul, where he had booked bands and run sound. Having left the Turf Club after a change of ownership, he and partner Rick Bloomfield bought the 60-year-old former Knapp House in Knapp WI (about an hour east of Minneapolis) in 2007, taking advantage of a bank foreclosure, and renamed it Bar Chord Music Club & Restaurant. Rule and his wife Leah handled the music side of the business, while Bloomfield, a former bar/restaurant owner, handled the restaurant side. One of the images accompanying this 19 Aug 2007 blog post shows an illuminated "Bar Chord" sign on one end of the building. In this blurry Google streetview image from 2008, however, that sign appears to be gone, but the Knapp House sign still stands in front of the main building on the left and a smaller sign out front advertises an upcoming karaoke night. All the performance dates returned by Google searches are from 2007, which suggests that the live music operation fizzled in 2008. It seems plausible that the restaurant occupied the larger main structure and the music club occupied the smaller adjunct on the right. Based on this article, the Knapp House Restaurant was still active and owned by Rick Bloomfield on 14 Jul 2010, when it was destroyed by fire. No other info available.

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