Venue notes: Backstage, Tucson AZ

There's anecdotal evidence that the Backstage of the early 80s evolved into the Backstage Sports Grill of the 00s (6350 East Tanque Verde Rd), which closed down in March 2003 and reopened a month later as City Limits (discussed here). There is, however, quite a long gap in the historical record (admittedly, the online historical record), suggesting that the original Backstage was either out of action or operating under a different name from the mid-80s through the 90s. (Thanks to Doug Chapman.) This Black Flag flyer, however, gives the address as 321 N. 4th, and is from the same time frame as the Hüsker shows. That address is occupied in 2006 by a store called The Other Side that specializes in vintage 70s clothing.

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