Venue notes: Axiom, Houston TX

Defunct music venue. Chris Gray writes in this 2007 Houston Press article: "The former liquor warehouse at 2524 McKinney (just east of Dowling) wasn't much to look at inside or out, but from 1987 to 1992 it was the home base of a thriving music scene encompassing rock, punk, funk, metal, hardcore, thrash, industrial, psychedelia and a few styles people still haven't figured out how to label."

The same author writes five years later in another Houston Press article that takes a longer look back at the club's history: "From 1987 through 1991, the Axiom took a run-down former drugstore/motel in the still very seedy East End of downtown and created a home for punk, metal, thrash, noise and any other kind of alternative rock before Nirvana - who played the Axiom - blew the doors off."

This Chron 2001 article announces that the space was about to become home to Infernal Bridegroom Productions, an avant-garde theatre company, and goes on to note: "Once a drugstore, the Axiom has enjoyed more reincarnations than Shirley MacLaine. It's been Cabaret Voltaire, Harvey's Club DeLuxe, the rave club Orbit Room and the gay bar Incognito." IBP remained there until 2007, when the company closed down.

The property was put up for lease in 2014, but appeared to be vacant in 2015 and currently (2016) is not on the market.

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