Venue notes: Amelia's, Iowa City IA

Music club that went out of business in the late 80s. Tom Johnston writes:
      My wife was a student at the University of Iowa in '86 and while she did not attend this [Feb 86 Hüsker] show she did go Amelia's.... Rumor was the owner had a large drug habit that 'consumed' the profits of the club. It was located at 223 East Washington Street. Its theme was Amelia Earhart and it had a large poster of her and a plane on the wall. It may have been a few different bar/restaurants in the early 90s but nothing that lasted. It is now [Oct 2002] an art materials store called Dick Blick.

Another correspondent who did attend the Hüsker Dü show there in Feb 1986 recalls that openers Soul Asylum closed their own set by covering "Pink Turns To Blue," then joined the Hüskers onstage at the end of the evening for a joint encore.

David Murray, writing in July 2009, adds his thoughts about the club and discredits the rumor above about its late owner:
      The owner of Amelia's died several years ago. She was a kind and decent human being who nurtured 9 children. She ran one of the coolest restaurant/clubs in Iowa City ever — Amelia's New York Style Deli, a place I worked at from 1983-86 as breakfast cook and bartender. The manager brought in some of the best indy rock bands of the time including the Replacements, Hüsker Dü and the Flaming Lips, all the while letting local acts take the stage, too. The place was shut down because it was located next to the Englert Movie Theater and the rock would overpower the movie's sound. Any other implication as to its demise is unfair and petty. Jo was a great lady!

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