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Section 2--Guest Appearances


Artist:			DYS
Title:			Brotherhood
Format:			Album
Label:			X-Claim! Records
Catalog Number:		X-4
Date Recorded:		1983?
Release Date:		1983
Notes:			Hüsker backing vocals on one track (*).  Bob
			Mould: "We (HD) were hanging around Radiobeat when
			they cut vocals, and they needed more voices."
			Later reissued by Taang! with the new title Wolfpack.
			Original pressing was only 1000 copies, and is now
			quite rare.
			Open Up
			More Than Fashion
			Circle Storm
			City To City
			(The Girl's Got) Limits
			Stand Proud
			Insurance Risk
Artist:			Ground Zero
Title:			Ground Zero 
Format:			Album
Label:			Reflex Records
Catalog Number:		Reflex I
Date Recorded:		Jan-Feb 1984
Release Date:		1984
Credited:		Taras Ostroushko--guitar & vocals
			Jamie Ronnei--bass
			Dave Evenhouse--drums
			Bob Mould--piano on (*).
Notes:			Produced by Bob Mould.
			Performance Mufflers
			Bummed Out Bob
			President's Hair
			Fort McPoop In A Shoe
			You Think You're So Perfect
			Where's The Ice
			Chemical Dependency
			Ground Zero
			The Day After...
			Porno Store Exit
Artist:			Otto's Chemical Lounge		**out of print**
Title:			Spillover 
Format:			Album
Label:			Homestead Records
Catalog Number:		HMS 023
Date Recorded:		Oct 1984
Release Date:		1985
Credited:		Dale T. Nelson--lead vocals
			Al Schroeter--bass
			John Anglim--drums
			Paul Osby--guitar & vocals
			Grant Hart--backing vocals on (*).
			Terri Katzman--backing vocals on (**).
Notes:			Produced by Hart, Katzman, Osby.
			Shakin' All Over
			Duquette Stomp
			Departure Blues
			Slow Death
		       *Me And My Mind
Artist:			DYS
Title:			Wolfpack 
Format:			Album
Label:			Taang! Records
Catalog Number:		T34
Date Recorded:		1983?
Release Date:		1989
Notes:			Taang! vinyl reissue of Brotherhood.  Also
			available on CD reissue of Fire & Ice/Wolfpack
			(Taang! 49).  Hüsker backing vocals on title
			track(*).  Both Taang! reissue formats included
			three additional tracks(**).
			Open Up
			More Than Fashion
			Circle Storm
			City To City
			(The Girl's Got) Limits
			Stand Proud
			Insurance Risk
			**Iron Man
			**Dirty Dog
			**Rub A Dub
Artist:			The Strangemen
Title:			25 or 6 to 4 
Format:			7" single/12" EP
Label:			Vielklang
Catalog Number:		04042-40 (7")
			Unknown (12")
Date Recorded:		Late 1989?
Release Date:		1990
Notes:			Grant Hart is credited with vocals and organ on the
			title track, a Chicago cover that borrows the guitar
			riff from Led Zeppelin's version of "Babe, I'm Gonna
			Leave You."  The B-side sounds as if it could have
			been written by Grant, but was actually written by
			the band's frontman, Rudi Freese.  Grant toured with
			The Strangemen in Germany in Nov 1989.  The 12"
			features a second B-side track(*).
			25 or 6 to 4					3:00
			1 4 U						3:11
Artist:			Golden Palominos
Title:			Drunk With Passion 
Format:			CD/cassette
Label:			Charisma
Catalog Number:		91745-2/91745-4
Date Recorded:		1991
Release Date:		Sep 1991 
Also Credited:		Anton Fier--drums
			Bill Laswell--bass
			Nicky Skopelitis--guitars
			Richard Thompson--guitar
			Amanda Kramer--backing vocals and keyboards
Notes:			Bob Mould is credited with guitar and vocals (also
			as co-writer) on the track listed below.
			Dying From The Inside Out			8:18
Artist:			Throwing Muses
Title:			Red Heaven 
Format:			Album
Label:			Sire/Warner Bros
Catalog Number:		9 26897
Date Recorded:		Mar-Apr 1992
Release Date:		11 Aug 1992 
Credited:		Kristin Hersh--guitars & vocals
			David Narcizo--drums & backing vocals
			Leslie Langston--bass
			Bob Mould--guest vocal on (*)
Notes:			All songs written by Hersh.
			Furious						3:52
			Firepile					3:11
		       *Dio						2:51
			Dirty Water					3:37
			Stroll						 :58
			Pearl						5:36
			Summer St					2:16
			Vic						1:08
			Backroad					3:48
			The Visit					3:48
			Dovey						 :55
			Rosetta Stone					3:31
			Carnival Wig					4:11
Artist:			Patti Smith
Title:			Gung Ho 
Format:			Album
Label:			Arista
Catalog Number:		07822-14618-2
Date Recorded:		1999?
Release Date:		Mar 2000
Time:			64:31
Credited:		Patti Smith--vocals & acoustic guitar
			Lenny Kaye--electric & acoustic guitars
			Oliver Ray--electric & acoustic guitars
			Tony Shanahan--bass & keyboards
			Jay Dee Daugherty--drums

			Additional musicians:
			Grant Hart--piano & Farfisa on (*)
			[Others on various individual tracks]
Notes:			Grant in good form.
			One Voice					4:04
			Lo And Beholden					4:43
			Boy Cried Wolf					4:51
		       *Persuasion					4:33
			Gone Pie					4:04
			China Bird					4:07
			Glitter in Their Eyes				3:03
			Strange Messengers				8:02
			Grateful					4:29
			Upright Come					2:58
			New Party					4:30
			Libbie's Song					3:26
			Gung Ho					       11:41
Artist:			The 6ths
Title:			Hyacinths And Thistles 
Format:			Album
Label:			Merge Records
Catalog Number:		MRG185
Date Recorded:		2000
Release Date:		05 Sep 2000
Time:			60:46
Credited:		Mould track:
			Bob Mould--vocal*
			Kenny Mellman--piano
			[Others on various individual tracks]
Notes:			All songs written by Stephin Merritt.  Different
			lead vocalist on each song (Mould, Odetta, Melanie,
			Sally Timms, Momus, several others).  Merritt
			remarks: "I think Bob Mould has a very beautiful
			voice, and I've never heard him sing quietly.  He
			did it beautifully -- he was shocked."  (Source:
			Sonicnet.com Music News of the World, the daily
			music news service - http://www.sonicnet.com)
			As You Turn To Go				1:59
			Give Me Back My Dreams				3:06
		       *He Didn't					2:30
			I've Got New York				2:12
			Just Like A Movie Star				4:11
			Kissing Things					2:28
			Lindy-Lou					1:45
			Night Falls Like A Grand Piano			2:35
			The Dead Only Quickly				1:03
			The Sailor In Love With The Sea			2:41
			Volcana!					3:05
			Waltzing Me All The Way Home			1:51
			You You You You You				3:10
			Oahu					       28:10
Artist:			The 6ths
Title:			Hyacinths And Thistles 
Format:			Album
Label:			Circus Records
Catalog Number:		CIRCUSCD005 [UK release]
Date Recorded:		2000
Release Date:		25 Sep 2000
Time:			60:46
			[Same as US release]
Artist:			Melvins
Title:			Pigskin/Starve Already
Format:			7" single
Label:			Amphetamine Reptile
Catalog Number:		Scale 104
Date Recorded:		2006
Release Date:		24 Mar 2006
Notes:			Grant Hart plays drums on B-side.  Limited-edition
			release sold at Melvins live performances at Ox Op
			Gallery (Minneapolis) show for Juxtapoz Magazine.
			The record was released in several forms: clear and
			black vinyl, and at least three sleeve designs.
			Five test pressings were sold for charity on eBay
			prior to the show and netted prices in the hundreds
			of dollars.
			Starve Already
Artist:			Dalek/Haze XXL
Title:			A Purge Of Dissidents
Format:			CD+DVD
Label:			Ipecac Recordings
Catalog Number:		IPC72 (IPC72CD1/IPC72DVD2)
Date Recorded:		Jul 2004
			Apr 2005
			Aug 2005 [w/Grant Hart]
			Jul 2006 [w/Grant Hart]
Release Date:		Jun? 2007
Time:			30:42 (CD)
			17:29 (DVD)
			Beautifully packaged multimedia project consisting
			of a book of artwork by Dalek (James Marshall), an
			animation DVD by Jesse Olanday based on Dalek's art
			and storyboards, and a music/soundtrack CD by HAZE
			XXL (Tom Hazelmyer).  Book intro by King Buzzo.
			The music was recorded in four sessions, with Grant
			Hart sitting in on two of them.  The tracks on the
			CD were pieced together from the recorded jams, in
			which artists often switched instruments and no
			docementation was kept of who played what.  Hence
			Grant's contributions are unknown, except for the
			one track on which he is explicitly credited,
			"Hirohata Anime TV Series Theme."  A Purge Of
			Dissidents is an ongoing Dalek project, of which
			this release is just one aspect.  Other guests
			include Craig Finn, David Yow, Jon Spencer.
		       *Episode 1: The Ascension Of The Anti-Christ	0:09
			Chromed Smoke					1:50
		       *Episode 2: The Emperor Smokes Crack		0:09
			Spunk						1:27
		       *Episode 3: Revenge Of Those Who Cannot Be Named 0:09
			Space Monkey Theme				1:03
		       *Episode 4: The New Coke				0:09
			Squat Thrust					1:26
		       *Episode 5: My Left Wing Is Broken		0:10
			Darby Rides Again				1:02
		       *Episode 6: It's A Sacrifice... Not A Suicide	0:12
			Vicodin Shuffle					1:38
		       *Episode 7: The G.O.P. Will Set Me Free		0:09
			March Of The Fuckers				1:03
		       *Episode 8: The Second Coming (Part 1)		0:09
			Felony						1:15
		       *Episode 9: The Second Coming (Part 2)		0:09
			Hirohata					1:35
		       *Episode 10: The Cleansing			0:09
			Socialisms Inevitable Failure			1:19
		       *Book It Sucka (Bonus Animation Track)		1:07
			Repeating Mistakes				1:07
			Surf With Satan					1:11
			Cowboy Exorcist					1:04
			Gristle						1:15
			Hippy Death Fudge				1:12
			Hit Hit						2:51
			Infestation Of Buffalo				1:34
			Hirohata Anime TV Series Theme			2:21
			Spunk						1:33

			[* Coincides with DVD chapters, but video segments
			are longer than the times shown here.]
Artist:			Dalek/Haze XXL
Title:			A Purge Of Dissidents #3
Format:			7" single
Label:			Amphetamine Reptile
Catalog Number:		Scale 108
Date Recorded:		Jul 2004
			Apr 2005
			Aug 2005 [w/Grant Hart]
			Jul 2006 [w/Grant Hart]
Release Date:		Sep 2007
			Limited edition of 400.  "Hirohata Anime TV Series
			Theme" (featuring Grant Hart) is from the A Purge Of
			Dissidents CD above.  The record sold out before it
			was even announced on the Purge website (although it
			was made available through the online AmRep forum).
			Now fetching collector prices.
			Hirohata Anime TV Series Theme                  2:21
			Birthday Fuck
			Detroit Insect Eye
Artist:			Rhys Chatham (& friends)
Title:			Guitar Trio Is My Life!
Format:			3xCD box
Label:			Table of the Elements/Radium
Catalog Number:         TOE-CD-813
Date Recorded:          2007
			10 Feb 2007*
Release Date:           04 Mar 2008
Notes:			Live renditions of "Guitar Trio" by Rhys Chatham,
			featuring different collaborators in various cities
			on the tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of the
			piece.  Greg Norton plays bass on the Minneapolis
			segment.  Other participating artists include
			members of Sonic Youth, Fog, Godspeed You Black
			Emperor, Tortoise.
		       *Guitar Trio Pt. 1, Minneapolis
Artist:			Arsenal
Title:			Lotuk
Format:			CD
Label:			Playout!
Catalog Number:         POMCD009LTD
Date Recorded:          Dec 2007?
Release Date:           15 Apr 2008
Time:			51:22 [CD]
			51:42 [DVD]
Notes:			Grant Hart recites from chapter 8 ("Letter") of
			The Young And The Evil, written in 1933 by his
			friend Charles Henri Ford and Parker Tyler, and
			also contributes some singing vocals to the track.
			Arsenal is a Belgian band and their music is Euro-
			flavored.  Songs are sometimes dancey, sometimes
			new-wavey, sometimes ambient, sometimes poppy, but
			almost all are pretty catchy.

			The DVD (region-free) features interviews with
			artists as they drive around on their home turfs:
			Shawn Smith of From The North (Seattle), John Garcia
			of Kyuss (Indio CA), Cortney Tidwell (Nashville),
			Grant Hart (Minneapolis).  Grant's segment runs just
			under 12 minutes and was shot at night, so there
			often isn't much to see outside the car.  Nice scene
			at the end, though, of Grant bowling at Bryant Lake.
			Background music by Arsenal.
Contents (CD):
			The Letter					7:56
Artist:			H•O•F (Halo of Flies)
Title:			A New Kind Of Hate
Format:			7" single + bonus CD
Label:			Amphetamine Reptile
Catalog Number:         Scale 113
Date Recorded:          2008
Release Date:           20 Aug 2008 [mp3]
			Late Aug 2008 [7" + CD]
Time:			4:45 [7"]
			10:18 [CD]
Notes:			Grant Hart backing vocals on title track.  Limited
			edition of 500 copies.  Four-track EP.  Individual
			tracks available as mp3 downloads for a buck apiece.
			Single has the title track as A-side, "Precious" as
			B-side.  Bonus CD has both of the above plus two
			additional tracks.  (Grant is not listed as having
			contributed to any of the other tracks.)
			A New Kind Of Hate				2:35
Artist:			Fucked Up
Title:			Do They Know It's Christmas?
Format:			7" single/Digital audio file
Label:			Matador Records
Catalog Number:         
Date Recorded:          Late 2009
Release Date:           08 Dec 2009 [m4a]
			Feb 2010 [7"]
Notes:			Benefit single covering the famous Band Aid song.
			Lots of big-name indie artists contribute vocals,
			Bob Mould prominent among them.  From the Matador
			press release:

			  All proceeds will go to benefit three
			  organizations in Canada working to bring an
			  end to the epidemic of missing and murdered
			  native women.

			  The song is a tongue-in-cheek take on the 80s
			  classic written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure,
			  and features vocals from Yo La Tengo, GZA,
			  Ezra Koenig (Vampire Weekend), Bob Mould
			  (Husker Du), Tegan & Sara, Andrew W.K., Kyp
			  Malone (TV on the Radio), David Cross (come-
			  dian) and Kevin Drew (Broken Social Scene).

			  Fucked Up's frontman Damian Abraham, a.k.a.
			  "Pink Eyes," says "it's hard to find a balance
			  between the song being a fun, playful holiday
			  classic and the reason we're putting it out,
			  to benefit organizations dealing with a
			  deadly, serious issue."  Since 1980, there
			  have been 520 known cases of missing or
			  murdered Aboriginal women across Canada and
			  many believe the true number to be signifi-
			  cantly higher. If compared to the rest of the
			  population their death and disappearance rate
			  would be equivalent to over 18,000 Canadian
			  women and girls missing or murdered. Approxi-
			  mately 50% of the murders and disappearances
			  have occurred during or since 2000.

			  The three groups that will receive 100% of the
			  proceeds from sales of this song are Justice
			  for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
			  (Montreal), DTES Power of Women Group (Van-
			  couver) and Sisters in Spirit (Ottawa).

			  The recording of this track was funded in full
			  by a portion of the $20,000 award Fucked Up
			  received for winning the Polaris Music Prize
			  for their recent album, The Chemistry of
			  Common Life.

			  "Do They Know It's Christmas?" should be
			  available from iTunes on Tuesday December 8,
			  and will be released as a 7" single with an
			  unreleased Fucked Up song on the b-side in
			  February 2010.

			Initial digital-only release available exclusively
			on iTunes.
			Do They Know It's Christmas?			4:10
			[TBD Fucked Up song, 7" only]
Artist:			Foo Fighters
Title:			Wasting Light
Format:			Album (CD/LP/mp3 download)
Label:			Roswell Records/RCA/Sony Music
Catalog Number:         88697 84493-2
Date Recorded:          Sep 2010
Release Date:           12 Apr 2011
Time:			47:57
Notes:			Bob Mould credited with guitars and vocals on one
			track, "Dear Rosemary," recorded in Dave Grohl's
			garage in Encino CA.
Contents:		Dear Rosemary					4:27
Artist:			Butch Walker
Title:			Afraid Of Ghosts
Format:			CD/mp3 download
Label:			Dangerbird
Catalog Number:         DGB110
Date Recorded:          Oct 2014
Release Date:           03 Feb 2015
Time:			39:08
Notes:			Bob Mould credited with 12-string guitar, electric
			guitars, and vocals on one track ("Father's Day").
			Album produced by Bob's friend Ryan Adams. Bob's
			participation is documented in this short film by
			Noah Abrams:
Contents:		Father's Day					4:46

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