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1. This is a fan site and has no official connection to Hüsker Dü, Grant Hart, Bob Mould, Greg Norton, their management, or their record labels.

2. Unless explicitly attributed to someone else, all opinions, conjecture, unsupported assertions, and snarky comments are mine.

3. Visitors are free to use any of the material here, including images, subject to the following restrictions:
   •  Please refrain from taking any material furnished by others and presented here with their permission. If you want to use such material, please contact the original owner; I don't have authority to grant permission for its use.
   •  All photos credited to "plh" and the vast majority of anonymous t-shirt photos were shot by me and may be used freely, but I would like to be credited.
   •  All discography-related images were scanned by me and may likewise be used freely. If you use any of that stuff, please credit this site.
   •  Many uncredited images were found on the web and lovingly adopted from now-forgotten sources. Some images are mine and just lack a credit line. An unknown number of flyer images were summarily snatched from eBay listings. Use of material of uncertain origin, which may or may not be in the public domain, is a matter for you and your conscience to decide.
   •  If you use much in the way of factual data from here — whether it be dates, setlists, magazine articles, discographical info, whatever — I'd be grateful if you'd cite this website as the source.

4. I take great pains to make sure that other people are given due credit for their work. If you see anything here that is misattributed or improperly credited, please let me know so I can fix it.

5. Any copyright owners who feel that my use of their material violates fair-use guidelines should contact me and I will either remove the material or make mutually-acceptable edits.

6. This is a strictly non-commercial site. I pay for it out of my own pocket and accept neither advertising nor donations. It's possible that ads may eventually appear on the search results page if the folks at Google decide that I fail to meet their standards as a non-profit organization.

7. I try to answer all correspondence, but sometimes fall behind. Once that happens, I am likely to forget to reply, so keep after me.

8. Sorry, but I don't trade bootleg recordings. Most of the live stuff listed here has been widely circulated and uploaded to bit torrent sites anyway.

9. If you are willing and able to provide intelligible English translations of any of the non-English-language magazine articles reproduced on this site, please get in touch; perhaps we can work something out.

10. Yes, I am aware that the annotated discography intro page is an anachronistic eyesore. I intend to clean it up eventually. Both appearance and content are in need of revision.

11. I apologize for the growing collection of dead offsite links. External links break at a rate faster than I can keep up with — websites expire or are restructured, music clubs go under and take their web pages with them, image-hosting services quietly disappear. In an effort to minimize this problem, I try to host as much material directly on this site as possible.

12. This site works best with Firefox or Opera. I haven't tested it extensively with Chrome, but what I have checked seems to be fine. Pages will render legibly in IE, but some of the proportions and fonts may be off.

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